Jennifer Lopez's wedding dress Spring

Jennifer Lopez's wedding dress Spring was seen on the runway during Vera Wang's Spring 2005 show. Although Jennifer wore the dress earlier, people only got the chance to see the dress in all its glory during the show.

As expected, its sheer beauty made hundreds gasp. The dress comes in traditional white but Jennifer opted to wear it in ivory. Choosing the ivory-toned dress was a good move since the color complimented the bride's warm skin tone. The fine French lace made Jennifer look pretty and delicate at the same time.

Immaculate construction of the wedding dress is also undeniable. Boning and inner bodice support was achieved even with lace, which is a very delicate material to work with. The silhouette of the dress complimented the bride's natural curves. She made looking good so easy and effortless. An ivory colored veil was worn to complete the jennifer lopez wedding dress. The mid length veil was attached to her hair by diamond clips.