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casey anthony tattoo
casey anthony tattoo
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Ok team, the MVP anurakt has challenged rest of the team :) and we need to step up and not only be good role players but try to be the MVP !! Let's show that we will follow the mvp but at the same time not let down the entire team..ok enough sports, time to accept the challenge and make the MVP pay...;)
thanks anurakt for the challenge, you da man...
thanks vina92 and the_jaguar for your contrib..
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this is my first post...
I've seen most of you guys are indians, I admire you for being so organized and brave, and also for getting skilled enough to be sucessfull anywhere.
I'm not in the IT business, I'm not indian, I don't have special skills nor advanced dregrees. I'm just a regular guy who has worked all his life to achieve what he got. Since my degree is a 3 years old, I did not qualify foe EB2 even being in a managerial position for over 10 years.
I was waiting for the opportunity to file my family's I485 and then my company was bought and I was laid off on jun 14th.
I've been 6 years in this country, I have 2 american born kids, I've paid a lot of taxes, I have a house mortgage, a car loan...
Now I'm out of status and worst of all, everything on the GC process is lost.
This ain't nothing. Wait until the second wave of labor substituted EB3 applicants port their case from EB3 to EB2 or EB1 .Talk about a double whammy. Except a bigger hit in the next year or two when most of the porting succeeds.
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