Zoe Saldana Down & Out In Beverly Hills

Zoe Saldana secretly battling depression? She made a Hollywood breakthrough in films like Drumline and Star Trek. She even earned a spot in box office history playing a non blue-colored princess in the record-breaking silver-screen blockbuster Avatar. But for all her success, Zoe can’t shake a feeling a dread that grips her and her sudden mood swings and worries about money have her friends and family members concerned.

“It’s a worrying time for all those who love her,” a frightened source close to Saldana squeals between the covers of Star Magazine’s May 23 issue. “She’s been suffering from a really bad case of the blues for months now and just can’t seem to pull herself out of it.”

Often unable to eat, the leggy Calvin Klein and Avon spokesmodel is a constant bag of nerves when it comes to stretching a dollar.

“She’s barely eating now…Despite her major roles, Zoe didn’t negotiate major bucks. She’s pretty much blown through what she earned.”

Even the prospect of walking down the aisle with fiance Keith Britton hasn’t brought Zoe out of her funk, according to those in-the-know.