Watch A Sneak Preview Of Tonight's "Audrina"

On tonight’s episode, Audrina Patridge heads to Marie Claire in New York City to shoot a feature which will appear in the June issue. She rocked the photo shoot in some super-sexy outfits, saying, “I’m trying to take my career in a different direction towards fashion. I think that this photo shoot is going to really give me the opportunity to show people a different side of me.”

Meanwhile, Audrina’s boyfriend Corey Bohan comes to Los Angeles to visit Audrina. They are both so excited to see each other, and Audrina admits the long distance is very strenuous on the relationship. Audrina and Corey even get into an argument about Audrina having to go in for an acting gig — Corey was calling and texting her constantly while she was trying to work!

“This is my job,” she said. “I don’t think I should be constantly worried about Corey and his feelings, because he should be supportive and excited for me.”

It seems Audrina is putting her career before her relationship with Corey — and it can’t end well.

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Credit: Hollywood Life (Gianna Mandarino)