Still Looking Out for Katrina Kaif

When Salman Khan arrived two hours late at a press meet to announce a concert to promote his upcoming film Ready on Friday, May 20, he wasn't being disrespectful to journalists, he was being respectful to Katrina Kaif.

Salman was to arrive at his presser at Hotel Novotel in Juhu, Mumbai at 2 PM, but arrived past 4 PM. No one complained, which is surprising since we are talking about journalists here!

Here is why: Many of the journalists covering Salman's presser were also assigned to cover Katrina Kaif's Etihaad Airways media meet at Taj Palace Hotel in Colaba in far away South Mumbai at 12 pm. Salman's event was in Suburban Western Mumbai and the travel time between the two venues is at least an hour and a half.

Salman didn't want journos to leave Katrina's event early in order to make sure they didn't miss his event. So he discretely sent feelers to the journos, through his PR folks: Give Katrina your full attention and leave only when the event ended. I will be waiting!

With Bhai, chivalry thrives! And as far as events involving him and Katrina go: Flak proposes, Salman disposes.