Ryan Seacrest For Mayor

Ryan Seacrest’s $45 million, three-year deal with American Idol is reportedly driving production costs for the series through the roof, and with just one more season left on his contract, Seacrest is already looking forward to life after Idol. Word in Celebville has it that the 36-year-old TV/radio Renaissance Man — largely responsible for spawning the flurry of Kardashian-led docu-soaps cluttering basic cable — is eyeing a run for political office. In fact, Seacrest would love to eventually become mayor of the City of Angels.

Take that, Governator….

Ry, who’s dating dancer-turned-country singer Julianne Hough is banking his rather vanilla personal life (which has been about as exciting as watching paint dry) making him a shoe-in to become a public servant. Well, what do you know? It pays to be clean-cut and knee-high to a grasshopper!