Robert Pattinson Single Again

Is it possible that as the Twilight saga is fading away into the past, the bonds that the films tied begin to get loose? It seems that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have got caught in the process.

The actors who have been the paragon of romantic relationship since 2008 are reported to be cooling down. The reason? Presumably Pattison isn’t ready to relinquish his single status.

There is still love – but as the Close magazine had it from a source, the Twilight hero believes they don’t see eye to eye on some matters. While the 25-year-old movie star isn’t yet thinking of settling down, Stewart’s thoughts turn to a gothic-style wedding ceremony in a castle. Then, Pattison doesn’t quite understand her when she wants nothing else but settle down to watch a film or listen to a Bob Dylan CD.

“He seems to be finding the relationship tough at the moment,” the source close to Pattison sums up.

Allegedly right now the hunky actor is being torn between the pros and cons of his love affair – while his growing popularity and demands are adding extra strain to the situation. His and Stewart’s work schedules keep taking them to different directions, and it’s getting harder for them to cling together. “He’s finding it hard to juggle work and a relationship,” the source shares.

Yet it isn’t easy to let go after so much they have been through during the Twilight period. What with Kristen’s help and co-operation when he was not so big he feels bound by loyalty and gratitude for her.