Rebecca Black Pregnant

Black, the 13-year-old viral star behind the nightmarish single “Friday,” got a brief extension on her 15 minutes of fame Sunday when a disturbing rumor claiming that she was pregnant hit the Interwebs. The rumor started after a prankster posted a fake picture of the web sensation on her Facebook wall holding a sign reading “I’m pregnant! 5/15/11″ etched in black marker.

The image, which was doctored from an actual image of the teen, was quickly removed – but not before a number of news sources picked up the story.

Becca wasted not a nanosecond before taking to her Twitter account to quickly rebuff the reports: “I thought it was May 15th…not April Fools Day. I’m absolutely NOT pregnant.”


This is the second time in a month that Black has become the victim of online hazing. In April, police in the teen’s native of San Diego were put on high alert when Rebecca became the subject of a series of death threats.