Naomi Campbell to stage catwalk for Japan

In a bid to help the Japanese earthquake victims, supermodel Naomi Campbell and her A-list friends will stage a Fashion For Relief show at the Cannes today.

“I just felt shock. I didn`t believe what I was watching,” the Telegraph quoted Campbell, who was horrified by the images of the disaster, as saying.

“The Japanese people are so strong and proud and resilient, and for this to happen to them is so terrible,” she said.

“I have been there many times – not since the earthquake, but I do hope to go soon. Japan has been a very important factor in my career and I love the country,” she added.

“The destruction caused by the earthquake is completely heartbreaking, it“s so hard to even begin to comprehend the tragic loss the people of Japan are coping with,” she said.

“I felt very passionate to try and help in whatever way possible, to do our part and to support Japan at this time. I hope that the money raised from Fashion For Relief in Cannes will support those who need it most,” she added.

The event will be followed by an auction, which includes artworks by Tracey Emin and Dennis Hopper, and a customised Lotus √Čvora. It is being staged in collaboration with Vogue Italia and all funds raised will go to the Japanese Red Cross.

Campbell founded ‘Fashion for Relief’ in 2005 with a show in aid of Hurricane Katrina victims. So far it has raised 4.5 million pounds.