The Middleton Sisters

Photo: Taking the lead: Pippa Middleton has been stealing the limelight from her previously more famous sister, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge

By any reckoning, this should have been the month when Kate Middleton was en-throned as Britain’s unrivalled icon of style.

Yet a fortnight on from that glorious wedding, whose face adorns the cover of no fewer than five celebrity and fashion magazines, from Grazia and Heat to Hello!? It’s not Kate’s, but Pippa’s.

Even at the wedding, it was Kate’s head that wore the tiara, but Pippa’s bottom that caused an internet sensation.

So what’s a big sister to do, to tame these reckless younger rivals?

In Kate Middleton’s case, the answer is obvious, for there’s another naughty younger sibling who’d be more than a match for Pippa.

Judging by the pictures of Prince Harry ogling his sister-in-law on the Big Day, it’s not such a far-fetched scenario. Might we one day see Her Royal Hotness exchanging a kiss with His Royal Rebelliousness on the Buckingham Palace balcony? Now that would certainly be a double whammy to make Carole Middleton burst with pride.

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