Michelle Heaton Amazing New Body

Michelle Heaton Amazing
Michelle Heaton shows off her impressive toned physique in this week’s heat magazine.

Michelle, 32, who is married to personal trainer Hugh Hanley, is 5ft 4in and now weighs eight stone three.

She told heat: “I eat every two-and-a-half hours! Hugh devised an eating plan for me. I eat three meals a day, with snacks in between. I promise you I eat – I like food too much!

She added: “I go to the gym five days a week. I mix it up: I do 20 minutes of upper body weights and 20 minutes of cardio one day , then the same with lower body and cardio the next. I’m only in there for 40 minutes – I don’t kill myself.”

“I’m happy with myself now. I lost weight healthily, not by missing meals or making myself sick. I don’t want to be skinny. You can be toned and still have curves.”