Lindsay Lohan Stalked

Troubled screen star Lindsay Lohan was left hanging her hair extensions in shame after her history as a drugging drunkard got her kicked out of a party at Los Angeles hotspot Chateau Marmont this week. And as it turns out, Lohan had plenty of company as she returned to her LA digs for a quiet evening at home.

The creepy guy hanging out outside her window made sure of that.

On Monday, the repeat rehabber posted a surveillance video grab of a man she claims has been stalking and threatening to kill her through messages left on her website. The actress, who is facing a summer stint behind bars for swiping that necklace from a Venice jewelry shop earlier this year, admits she’s “scared” in a tweet to fans, which links them to the photo of a bearded man online.

“This is the freemason stalker that has been threatening to kill me – while he is TRESPASSING! im actually scared now…All my fans, my supporters, please stand by me.”

Tipsters tell that the unidentified man has been obsessed with the big screen’s “Mean Girl” for more than four years.He reportedly leaves her strange presents — ie: the book — and continually drives past her home at odd hours. The creepers somehow managed to acquire Lindsay’s cellphone number and has taken to bombarding her with disturbing text messages.