Lindsay Lohan Chats With Kyle and Jackie O Lohan is back in the game!

Chatting with Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O live on Skype, Lindsay Lohan gave a candid interview about everything going on in her life, from her community service to defending her courtroom couture.

The Mean Girls star, 24, was hanging out with Kyle in his Los Angeles mansion when the starlet sat down to dish on all the burning questions people have for the her.

Although she dodged questions if she was bi-sexual, when asked if she was dating anyone, she said: "I'm available."

How is community service going? "I'm enjoying it. I'm working in the Downtown Women's Shelter, and I think the second part I'm going to be working with kids, which I really like."

That dress! On the white dress she wore to court, which critics have said was "inappropriate" for court. "I hadn't worn it, I still had the tag on it and she said it looked great so that was it. You wouldn't say that to a hooker coming into court, that's inappropriate. That's all she has.

"I have great things to wear so it's not my fault! I love fashion, but I wasn't wearing that to court, I just wanted to go to court and get court over with because it's scary."

What about Glee? "I don't watch Glee."

Would she give them her music? "Yeah, but they've made a lot of snarky remarks about me, and I don't know why they don't need to do that."

Can she get insured for movie roles? "There was no problem insuring me for this, it was just a little extra money. It just costs a little extra.

"I think once I start filming, there's a few films I'm going to do, that's the best thing for me. I love being back on set. I had to learn, I'm not a kid so I had to grow up and be accountable. I really haven't done that much."

Credit: Radar Online