Lady GaGa Vs. The Zip-Line At Good Morning America

Lady Gaga made a spectacular entrance on “Good Morning America” when she performed in New York’s Central Park on Friday.Gaga zip-lined over the huge crowed to the stage where she performed Bad Romance, Born This Way, Judas and Edge of Glory.Her “little monster” fans as she calls them, camped out for three days ahead of her Summer Concert Series performance.She told the crowd of fans she grew up five blocks away from Central Park and used to come to Central Park to play when she was a child.One of the busiest singers in show business, Lady Gaga said in Rolling Stone magazine recently she doesn’t feel alive unless she is on stage.Earlier this week she was seen on the finale of “American Idol” and also appeared on an MTV special Thursday night called Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside where she discusses her childhood and her teen years.