Lady Gaga in Stunning Attire on David Letterman

Lady Gaga rocked a signature bizarre style statement arriving at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC to appear on David Letterman to promote her album Born This Way on May 23.

The 26-year-old wore a mindblowing outfit: a patterned dress with slit up the side (all the way I want to add), black underwear, black platform heels and black and blond hair extensions which covered her face.

Her ensemble was topped off with a pair of dark oversized glares.

Her outfit for the sit down with Letterman included a black leather bikini, biker jacket, leather garter and high-heeled boots with black fishnet stockings.

During her interview, Letterman quizzed Lady Gaga over rumors that she "once ate a Barbie doll's head during a concert."

"Yes. All the time," Lady Gaga responded.

A skeptical Letterman told Lady Gaga that it couldn't be true because "it would poison you."

Lady Gaga then tore one of Letterman's note sheet in half and started to chew it to prove she could do it.

She didn't actually swallow it, but Letterman pretended to panic thinking she would. She later spit it out.

As she left the theater she capped her sit down attire with a black masquerade mask.

Now, even in a city like New York, where unusually dressed people are the norm, this girl can top them all. It isn't for nothing this Grammy winner has such a huge following. Well played, Gaga.a