Kourtney Kardashian talks about her annoyingly amazing body

Kourtney Kardashian has admitted to Shape magazine that she uses running to keep her in shape

Kourtney said, ‘I’m proof that even after having a baby you can look better and sexier than ever,’ saying that she’s been exercising from a young age, “My family has always been into exercise,’ she said. ‘My dad [Robert Kardashian] used to tape episodes of Seinfeld and Friends and watch them while he was on the treadmill.”

We like the idea of this, even though we’re not really sure what Seinfeld is.

Kourtney says that the secret to staying trim is fitting in your workouts in your day, “I tried working out at the gym in our New York City hotel, which was boring, and I took bootcamp classes with Kim, but they’re just not for me.”

She had some useful advice for us, “Know when is the right time for your workout and commit to doing it,’ she advised. For me, I have to get up at 7am every day, before everyone else, leave Mason in bed with Scott, and go for a run. Thirty minutes of cardio is right outside my door”

With this in mind we decided that we would do some running. So far we’ve run down the office, up the stairs, to the toilet and back again, as yet we haven’t seen any improvement but it has only been half an hour.