Kirsten Dunst likes her imperfections

Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst loves her imperfections and would never change them. The Melancholia star told British newspaper the Daily Mail: “I like imperfections. People have said lots of times, ‘Why don’t you fix your teeth?’ For me, the people I respect are like, ‘Don’t ever fix your teeth!’ “So the aesthetic I migrate to is not the mainstream aesthetic. I think that it’s difficult to grow up going to the films where things are so perfect and that’s the idea of a movie star, too. “You see the star up there and a line or a pimple has been digitally removed so you look, well, perfect.” She says even her mother Inez, had previously told her to wear make-up to cover her lips. The 29 year-old added: “My mother’s like, ‘Your lips are pale, wear some red lipstick!’ So when we go out to dinner, I’ll put on the damned red lipstick for her.”