Kate and Pippa Middleton Rivals

Kate and Pippa
Princess Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton, the author of the bestseller The Chronicles of Princess Diana is going to create a new book which unveils the secret life of the British royal family. Particular attention of the writer is going to be given to Catherine, the spouse of Prince William of Wales, and her family. In a new biography, the writer recalls some anecdotes from the life of the Windsors, and does not forget to pay attention to Philippa Middleton, who has charmed the whole Britain since her elder sister’s wedding.

According to Andrew Morton, Catherine and her younger sister Pippa have always been rivals, and it is a completely natural situation between the sisters whose difference in age is just a few years. That is why during the wedding of her sister, Pippa managed to show herself in all her beauty, even though she was not determined to spoil Catherine’s holiday. Andrew Morton notes that it is extremely interesting to observe the evolution of Pippa and James Middleton after they have become famous due to their elder sister. Such type of popularity is much more difficult to cope with.

According to the writer, everyone would like Pippa and Prince Harry to fall in love, and a Hollywood-like ending would not be exceptional for the Middletons because Catherine’s grandfather Peter and his brother got married with sisters. Meanwhile, some sources which are closely related to Philippa Middleton report that the girl has a difficult time going through the popularity which has burdened her, and the intrusive paparazzi just do not let her make a step without being noticed and excitedly look for some hot facts in her biography. Life of the beautiful Pippa has literally turned into hell.