Javed Jaffrey's Nasty Finale to Double Dhamaal Filming

Javed Jaffrey injured his knee on the set of Indra Kumar's comedy Double Dhamaal during the wrap up scene at Mehboob Studios.

Javed had earlier hurt his thumb during the filming.

During the filming of first Dhamaal (2007), Javed had hurt his leg.

The 47-year-old comic actor/dancer plays beanie donning Manav in the film. He is seen mimicking Shah Rukh Khan in the film.

The story goes that the team needed to shoot just one final scene, a song titled Chill Maaro, at Mehboob Studios. However just before the final scene Javed broke his leg and had to be admitted to a hospital. The actor was in such pain that the Director/producer Indra Kumar and co-producer Ashok Thackeria immediately altered the scene and showed all the actors lying on the bed.

Producer Ashok Thackeria confirmed the incident, "The film on its last leg…. Javed jumped on the bed very hard and his knee and the ligament below the knee cap tore very badly. We immediately took him to Lilavati as we were in Mehboob Studios...the doctors examined him after X-Rays were taken… Luckily it was not a major injury but he was in immense pain to say the least. Despite the pain, Javed insisted we finish the shoot and hence we then changed the scene with the four boys together on the bed. Javed was brought with a leg support and crutches to the shooting floor, and we wrapped up the shoot and celebrated later on with Jaaved and the entire team!"

The actor says that the Doctor has advised a surgery to treat the ligament tear which is quite bad. His surgery is scheduled for June 1.

Everyone on the set was much concerned about Javed, as he was in excruciating pain, but at the same time the unit also took it as a lucky charm as the first film was a super hit at box-office.

Headlining stars getting hurt on set is considered lucky for the film in Bollywood. Hrithik Roshan got hurt twice on Agneepath set, Shahid Kapoor hurt himself twice on Mausam set and both the films' production units anticipate their films to do well at Box Office.

The Dhamaal sequel, which additionally stars Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Riteish Deshmukh, Kangana Ranaut, Mallika Sherawat and Ashish Chowdhry, is due for release on June 24. The film will have its world premiere in Toronto during IIFA 2011.