Henry Rollins Fans

Doomed love, in the context of celebrity obsession, doesn’t often lead to doom. Teenagers and people who obsesses about something as topical as celebrities are seldom willing to take it that far. But Ricardo Lopez, an obsessive Bjork fan, fostered an obsession which led him to a tragic end . Lopez filmed himself making a homemade bomb intended to kill Bjork, filmed all 18 hours of production while explaining the nature of his obsession with the singer, and then shot himself dead.  The video is online if you’re twisted enough to seek it out, but long story short Bjork is Icelandic, which means she hails from a country of around 300,000 people — barely enough to qualify for medium-sized city.  That means this sad sack became obsessed and killed himself over what we in America would call “Someone from Cleveland“
Rock’s most (arguably) lovable icon seems never to have a lapse of patience — even when a young fan begins accosting him for not recognizing her after a concert. As the story goes, the girl said they had met before, but only in a ‘metaphorical’ way. Henry asks for elaboration on this point. The girl then states that both he and Michael Stipe live in her head, and that the last time the three of them were together, Rollins had watched her and Stipe have sex. But such things are but blips in the life of one whose fans, when they aren’t bidding to sleep with him, chuck canned food at his head.