Helen Mirren Doing Various Things

Helen Mirren, 65 and Jerry Hall, 54, who have never shied away from showing off their enviable figure in a number of bikinis, may not agree with a new poll that has revealed that women don’t think it is acceptable to wear bikinis on the beach once they reach 47.The study, carried out among 2,000 women, found most wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a two-piece on holiday once they approach their half-century – and frown upon others who do, reports the Daily Mail .But the survey also revealed that women believe – perhaps a little unfairly – that miniskirts are a ”no-no” on anyone aged 35 or more and that high heels should not be worn by anyone over 51.

The age women believe you should stop doing various things as per the survey:

Bikini, 47
Miniskirt, 35
Boob Tube, 33
Stilettos, 51
Belly button piercing, 35
Knee high boots, 47
Trainers, 44
Leather trousers, 34
Leggings, 45
Ugg boots, 45
Swimsuit, 61
Tight vest, 44
See-through chiffon blouse, 40
Long hair, 53
Ponytail, 51.