Heather Mills Breaks Shoulder In Skiing Accident

Heather Mills was hospitalized in Southern Austria Wednesday after she broke her shoulder in a serious skiiing accident, local newspaper Kleine Zeitung reports.

Why to steal back the thunder on the heels of Sir Paul’s recent engagement announcement, Heath!

The 43-year-old former Mrs. Paul McCartney was training to be a part of the the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Russia when she crashed into a glacier at the Austrian resort of Molltaler Wednesday morning. She was transported by helicopter to a hospital in the nearby town of Lienz. Hospital spokesman Alfred Fast said Heather, who has a fractured right shoulder blade, is in pain but is expected to make a full recovery.

Mills lost the lower half of her left leg when she was hit by a police motorcycle while crossing a London street in 1993. She now walks with the aid of a prosthetic limb.