Donny Osmond Rips Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Cap

Donny Osmond’s “disco stick” just wasn’t “Born This Way.” The ’70s heartthrob and former Dancing With The Stars champion has incited the wrath of about 10 million “Little Monsters” after hitting out at Mother Monster herself, pop sensation Lady Gaga, in a recent interview.

Osmond struggled with social anxiety for part of his life and has a hard time wrapping his mind around the “shock tactics” the multi-lauded Grammy winner uses as a “cheap way” of finding fame and selling records.


Of course, Donny says, Gaga is “very talented,” but her outlandish outifts and stage stunts leave much to be desired.

“First of all just let me make the statement: I think Lady Gaga is brilliant as a marketer, as a writer, as an artist – she is Madonna incarnated in my opinion. But I don’t agree with a lot of the shock elements nowadays a lot of artists take to get their face on the cover, to get on the charts,” the clean-cut Osmond told CNN’s Piers Morgan during a joint interview with his newlywed sister Marie this week. “In my opinion it is a cheap way to become popular, but I do think she’s a very talented woman,” he added.

Donny has been vocal about his displeasure with pop’s reigning “It Girl of the Hour.” In 2010, he famously dissed Gaga for her controversial music video “Telephone,” which Donny protested featured excessive “profanity, sexual exploitation, nudity, and graphic violence” — between all those scenes of product placement, of course.