Cruz wants to slap women who worry about age

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz says she would love to “slap” women who complain of getting old. “When I hear a woman who is in her early 30s worrying about growing old, I just want to slap her,” contactmusic quoted Cruz as saying. The 37-year-old added she can’t wait to have wrinkles because she believes that they shows a person’s life story. “When I’m 80, I want to look in the mirror and see an 80-year-old woman. My grandmother had so many wrinkles and every wrinkle told a story. I want to experience every year of my life for what it is. It doesn’t mean I am against somebody who does a little retouch or (has) plastic surgery. I don’t judge people who do it. I just don’t like how women complain about growing old,” she said.