Botox Mom Hoax

In what could be the biggest hoax to capture national headlines since the Courtship of Balloon Boy’s Father, Kerry Campbell — the San Francisco pageant mom who lost custody of her eight-year-old daughter Britney after confessing to subjecting the kid to Botox and leg and Brazilian waxes — now says she made the whole thing up.

The plot thickens after the jump….

After Child Protective Services officers swooped in with white capes to snatch Little Brit away from the tip of her mother’s needle, “Campbell” blew the lid off what she claims is a conspiracy created by Britain’s bastion of truth, The Sun. In a sworn affidivit Wednesday, Campbell, whose reall name is Sheena Upton, claims she lied about giving Britney waxes and cosmetic surgery after Sun editors provided her “a story, instructions and a script to follow for a recorded interview” in exchange for $200.